Lee Dargue (left) and Stephen Lambert (right) – Birmingham City Council Ladywood Liberal Democrats candidates.

Lee and Stephen are standing in Ladywood, as they both care deeply about the area. They also hear consistently from residents that they don’t feel their voices are heard – and this has to change!

We recognise that Birmingham has a recent history of voting in Labour – however it feels like the Labour Councillors have now taken it for granted that they will get voted in again – and Liberal Democrats, based in communities up and down the country, believe that people need to have a voice.

Not just at election times. Not just when it’s convenient for the Councillors. Not just every 6 months at a local residents meeting – where the Councillors seems to do most of the talking!

Whilst we have our own priorities, we also understand that we are here to represent the views and ideas of the residents who vote for us.



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I am passionate about Birmingham and proud to campaign and fight elections in my home of Ladywood. Residents often tell me that they are tired of a complacent Labour taking their votes for granted – and I relish giving them more choice in elections.

I have long campaigned for Mental Health service provision to receive full equality with physical health – a journey started by the LibDems in government, and one we must continue. Social Care is in crisis and carers urgently need fair wages and better support. All of this means that we have a big mountain to climb, but I have been lucky to meet some inspirational people across Birmingham who are working to make this happen, and I continue to support them.

I’m a qualified Teacher and so very much aware of the pressures faced by teachers and staff, as well as students. I support young people in various ways, such as helping them grow their campaigning experience and supporting them standing for election.

I also believe it’s vital that our environmental protections are strengthened, and that civil liberties for LGBT+, BME and others are protected and improved.

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Having lived in Birmingham city centre for most of my adult life, I’m excited to be standing for The Liberal Democrats in the Ladywood ward and for the opportunity to give residents a voice in an area which The Labour party have long taken for granted.

After joining the Liberal Democrats in 2015, I soon began actively campaigning in and around Birmingham. This has given me an increased understanding of the issues facing our area whilst also building a passion for making our great city, even better.

I have worked in our city’s thriving night time economy for almost a decade and play an active role in our vibrant LGBT+ community throughout this time. I am currently a part-time student with the Open University, studying politics, philosophy and economics.

Alongside working and studying I regularly engage with local homelessness/rough sleeping charities, an area I feel particularly passionate about.