Fly Tipping in Birmingham Is Not Being Taken Seriously, We Demand Better.

Ladywood, like much of Birmingham, is becoming ever increasingly affected by Fly-tipping. The figures show that it really is getting much worse across the city, last year there were 15,993 reported cases – an increase from 14,799 the year before.

Not only does fly-tipping cause a dangerous, unsightly mess it also leads to long term increased costs for the Council as hundreds of thousands is spent clearing up dumped rubbish. Other issues such as dealing with rodents when rubbish has been left for a long period time can add even greater costs.

At a time when this is getting worse and the costs getting steeper, the councils proposed Budget for the next year reveals that they plan on slashing the Waste Enforcement Unit by a third, resulting in 3000 less complaints of fly-tipping being investigated each year.

Additionally, The council plan on increasing the costs of both bulky and garden waste collections, meaning that even fewer people will be able to comfortably afford to get their waste disposed of properly. This is typical of an increasingly short sighted Labour led council, looking for immediate savings but ignoring the long term costs of failing to address this issue now. There is little doubt that the council has tough decision to make in the face of budget cuts but this is something that needs addressing and that will save money in the long term, if the issue is bought under control.

Ladywood Liberal Democrats demand better when it comes to waste collection and fly-tipping. For starters, A Liberal Democrat council would give every household 2 free bulky waste collections a year, install CCTV cameras to cover areas that are often dumped on and take enforcement seriously so that people think twice before dumping in our city.

In Ladywood, we’ll continue to fight for the changes that’ll see this problem dealt with properly and we’ll continue to tackle fly-tipping as and when we see it. If you have an issue with fly-tipping your area then please do contact us.

Stephen and Lee

Ladywood Liberal Democrats

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