Ladywood ward Liberal Democrats respond to planned Clean Air Zone scheme

Yesterday afternoon Birmingham City Council decided to implement the Clean Air Zone, which will result in many vehicles being charged for accessing a large central area of the city.

It is hard to argue against the principle of a clean air zone and we passionately believe that air quality in Birmingham needs to be improved. However, we have several concerns about the way that the Labour led council are approaching the issue.

Although there is a long list of exemptions, many of these only last for one year which displays a clear failure from the council to grasp the fact that, for many people, one year is not enough time to save for a more expensive car that avoids the clean air zone charge. This seems deeply unfair. If you are wealthy and have a swish new car you will pay nothing whilst most of those who struggle to get by, will be charged.

Additionally, the plan for a clean air zone is not accompanied by an adequate plan for improving alternative ways of getting around and accessing the city. Additional subsidised park and ride schemes are required. We also believe that there’s a real need for a Brummie bus tickets that covers all of Birmingham (as is in Coventry and the Black country) that would allow cheap, convenient travel around the city. Birmingham also needs to be made much safer for existing bicycle riders and the introduction of a bicycle hire scheme (like London’s) should be properly investigated.

There is no doubt that the council’s intentions are good, but this plan has clearly been rushed. The public consultation only recently ended with over 10,000 responses received. This is an issue that will affect countless people and business. Birmingham deserves better than a rushed, tick-box exercise.

If you have any questions of require any assistance, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Stephen and Lee

Ladywood Liberal Democrats


Stephen and Lee

Ladywood Liberal Democrats

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Cars which meet the Euro 4 emissions standard for petrol and Euro 6 standard for diesel will not pay the charge.

In general, they are petrol cars made since 2006 and diesel cars made since 2015.

London’s new Ultra-Low Emmission Zone, or ULEZ, gives a good indication and you can check your car here .