Rubbish is piling up on the streets of Ladywood yet again.

Over two weeks have passed and the latest round of industrial action still drags on, rubbish is piling up across Ladywood and rats are being spotted rummaging through the overflowing waste. Ladywood Deserves better.

Last year, the Liberal Democrats put forward clear alternatives to the council’s shambolic management of the waste collection services which would have avoided future industrial action, like we’re experiencing now. This latest round of action has been a long time coming, there is no excuse for the waste piling up across our city which will leave tax payers footing the bill.

Things look set to only get worse as additional workers have recently voted to join the strike.

For too long waste management, street cleaning and fly tipping have all been poorly managed by this Labour led council, Ladywood Liberal Democrats demand better.

If you have rubbish dumped in your area, please report it to us and we’ll do our best to get it sorted as soon as possible! We’ll also be out surveying the ward for incidents of fly tipping and carrying out community litter picks over the coming weeks.

Stephen and Lee
Ladywood Liberal Democrats

You can check for updates on your collection service for the council here