Waste Collections

We all know of the chaos over bin collections that Birmingham suffered at the hands of Labour during 2017 and 2018 – some places still haven’t recovered properly. With £9million extra investment for waste collections and street cleaning, we are ready to help clean our our beautiful City. A Liberal Democrats-led council would:

  • Retain weekly bin collections
  • Ensure your bins are collected, even if the lid is open
  • Introduce sector-tendering for waste collection contracts – something Labour refuses to even consider – this would generate significant savings we can re-invest, and make the services accountable to local people and local Councillors
  • Introduce communal collections schemes, to help where shops and flats share a premises, and generate mixed wastes
  • Extend selective licensing of landlords across the City. We will also require landlords to ensure tenants are aware of their waste disposal areas, and on which days to expect the collections
  • Prosecute landlords that allow contents of properties to be dumped on the roadside or frontages
  • Give each ward and the Councillors capital and revenue budgets to assist in local waste and cleaning improvements – with local residents involved in the decision-making


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