We don’t believe that our environment is something that can be taken for granted. Over the past several years, Birmingham has seen a worrying decline in recycling rates and green spaces, whilst air pollution remains dangerously high across the city – a particular concern for a ward with many schools close to busy roads.

Ladywood Liberal Democrats have a plan to make Birmingham a truly green city. Our plan will not only deliver significant environmental benefits but also benefit health and wellbeing across the city, whilst saving money in the long run.

Working with households, landlords, commuters and businesses we will; reverse the worrying decline in recycling that we’ve seen under a Labour-led council, slash waste that goes on to have far-reaching environmental consequences, make sure that air pollution drops to much safer levels and guarantee that everyone has the freedom to enjoy green spaces.


Ladywood Liberal Democrat Councillors would:

  • reverse the current decline in recycling levels by setting and in turn attaining higher recycling targets, bringing levels past the 30% rate achieved in 2012 and way above the current level of 23%
  • work to bring in incentives to recycle, such as a reward scheme for households that recycle efficiently
  • Seek to launch a pilot scheme around food waste recycling, if successful this pilot would be extended across the city
  • Work to bring in selective licensing for landlords would be extended citywide; with the expectation that all landlords provide adequate recycling/waste facilities and encourage their tenants to use such facilities appropriately
  • Seek to bring in ommunal recycling points in areas that have a need of such facilities.

Waste reduction

Ladywood Liberal Democrats would:

  • work with all pubs, clubs and cafés to remove plastic straws from display and provide environmentally friendly alternatives on request. We recognize that some current options are unsuitable for some disabled people, so we would avoid a blanket ban until a suitable alternative is in place.
  • take a similar approach to the use of plastic cups among all business’s in the city center, working towards a zero tolerance on throw-away plastics.
  • Look at the potential for public water fountains in public spaces. These would be placed in safe areas with heavy foot fall. Such fountains would also provide individuals with the opportunity to refill their own water bottles instead of purchasing disposable alternatives.
  • We would work to ensure that the proposed plastic bottle deposit scheme is properly introduced across the city, in a way that is accessible for everyone.

Air pollution

Ladywood Liberal Democrats would:

  • introduce a ‘Brummie Bus ticket’ to lower the cost of getting around the city by bus and reduce the number of short journeys made by car.
  • Work to get more investment in extra cycle highways across the city alongside a network of safe cycle storage facilities. We will also work to ensure that an easy to use, cheap and accessible city-wide cycle rental scheme is introduced.
  • Demand that additional electric car charging points would be introduced across the city.
  • Explore the potential to offer business rate discounts for businesses that adopt green measures, such as using sustainable energy sources.
  • seek to trial new technologies that can clean our cities air such as carbon capture and pollution scrubbing.
  • ensure enforcement of breaches of environmental law that fall under the remit of the Local Authority. This includes fly-tipping, illegal tree-felling and the failure of developers to replace trees lost in construction. This also covers issues around statutory nuisance (such as noise pollution).
  • work to see that transport companies in the city, including taxi and bus companies, would be encouraged to switch to electric vehicles.
  • work to introduce additional park and ride scheme across the city

Green spaces

Ladywood Liberal Democrats would:

  • Halt the existing Labour programme of budget cuts in parks – ensuring that young people have access to play space and that parks are kept clean and tidy.
  • New developments in the ward would be required to provide communal green spaces for residents
  • We acknowledge that the city center is seriously lacking in public green spaces. The opportunity to create such spaces, at a low cost, on currently unused land would be explored.
  • Seek to significantly increase the number of trees across the city