Safe communities rely on strong links between residents, business and a local Police team. In Ladywood, we have seen a huge reduction in our neighbourhood Police team, and only now are we seeing a return of one Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).  To help create a SAFER LADYWOOD, we will support initiatives from residents, and support the Police wherever we can, in implementing improvements from these initiatives. A Liberal Democrats-led council would:

  • Ensure that PCSOs are able to use the full range of powers available to them, and to have their own career route
  • Work with West Midlands Police to invest in the 101 service to make it customer friendly. Including introducing improved communication with neighbourhood police teams
  • Ensure that the Council works with the Police to find secure local bases to operate from
  • Ensure that the Council strengthens its own response to a range of antisocial behaviour, including proper enforcement around issues of:
    • Flytipping
    • Housing/HMOs
    • Licensing
    • Planning enforcement