Birmingham ranked as local authority with highest number of homeless deaths in UK

Data released this week by the ONS, shows that an estimated 726 homeless individuals died across the UK in 2018, an increase of over 20% on the previous year. In the West Midlands region alone an estimated 64 homeless people died last year.

Shockingly, Birmingham ranked as the local authority with the highest number of estimated deaths across the whole UK.

The only acceptable number of deaths on our streets is ZERO and your local Liberal Democrats will make tackling rough sleeping and homelessness an absolute priority if elected in Birmingham Ladywood. 

Ladywood Liberal Democrat campaigner Stephen Lambert said:

“This out of sight, out of mind mentality needs to stop now. People are dying, and we need to take immediate measures and a more compassionate approach to ending this homelessness crisis. We must protect the most vulnerable people in our society, but instead we’re seeing more and more people dying on our streets. This is a national disgrace, with heartless Conservative party policies largely to blame. However, Birmingham City Council must start doing more locally to address this dire situation”

A summary of the ONS’ findings can be read here