Mental Health is a priority for the Liberal Democrats – it should be for all of us.

Liberal Democrats have a proud record on mental health. After entering government in 2010, it became a priority policy for LibDems to fight to receive funding to support. The key achievements were:

  • Made the NHS mandate that mental health be on a par with physical health, in terms of access to treatment (“parity of esteem”)
  • Introduced the first ever waiting times for mental health, including for urgent access to treatment for a child with their first signs of psychosis
  • Secured £1.25billion for young people’s mental health, including a huge increase in support for eating disorders
  • Increased funding for talking therapies

Unfortunately, much of this progress has been halted, or even reversed, after the LibDems were no longer in government. It still remains high on the media and political agenda, and we are determined to see improvements again, spear-headed by Liberal Democrats. We are also aware that much of the funding has to come from central government, mainly from the Department of Health.

However, in Birmingham, Ladywood Liberal Democrats will:

  • Engage with charities and local events that work to reduce the stigma around mental health, and reduce discrimination against those who try to access services
  • Support the West Midlands PCC in the harm-reduction approach to drug policy (more here)
  • Seek to work with local schoolsFE and University settings to offer better help and signposting for young people needing support with their mental health
  • Push for themajor need to re-invest in Youth Services
  • Support the “0-25” or beyond services, in order to avoid young people falling out of the CAMHS service at 16 or 18 when they need support the most
  • Support the work of the ThriveWM program on the West Midlands Combined Authority
  • Support the work of the Birmingham and Solihull Mental health NHS Foundation Trust, in particular to support the governors of the trust